We are aware that there are various challenges in the digitalization of the aeco sector. Transition to BIM (Building Information Model | Modeling | Management) is a highly intended subject at individual, institutional or country level. However, it can be just as difficult to find information associated with sub contents and real life practices.
Our main goal is to contribute to the development of the industry and professionals by making information meaningful, understandable and accessible to everyone in the digitalizing world. Due to that learning and training are key aspects of digitalizing processes in the AECO sector we have targeted to reflect all our experiences, knowledge into unique learning and training content to support people in digital transformation.


We are a group of professionals who have been active in the aeco industry for more than 25 years. Our group consists of members from different backgrounds and generations who contribute from various professional perspectives. Thanks to this diversity, we aim to create a harmony where all aeco professionals can get answers to their questions and needs.


Our services includes but are not limited to training on BIM tools and processes, implementation and standardization at organizational scale, project consultancy etc.

To Whom

We offer solutions for all aeco industry professionals and organizations at every scale who wants to take a step towards digitalization.


We aim to make information accessible to anyone from anywhere. With the help of technology solutions we adopt, we offer a collaborative working environment by bringing together people from different perspectives, cultures, experiences and contexts, regardless of time and place.


7/24 reachable information from every location global. 7/24 trustable support for every organization global. Reach us when an issue occurs at any point of the Life Cycle of a building.


We offer an approach that complies with international standards and norms, combining up to date information with professional life practices.



BIM is at the heart of the AECO Digitalization

By measuring your company's current BIM maturity level, we provide customized BIM Consulting according to your needs.



Architectural and engineering design services

We provide Architectural and MEP Engineering design, project development, building information modeling and various BIM use services.



We provide BIM trainings both at individual and organizational level.